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Chiropractic Care in Wheat Ridge, CO Welcomes You to The Disc Chiropractic

Chiropractor Dr. Al Simeone offers life-changing chiropractic care for his patients in Wheat Ridge. Our office will assist you feel right at home and will assist you accomplish your individual wellbeing objectives, whether they include:

Recovering from a car accident, sports injury, or personal injury
Non-invasive, drug-free pain relief treatment
Preventing future health problems with proactive spinal care
Maintaining your optimum wellness naturally

Chiropractic Care offers Effective, Natural Pain Relief and Wellness

Many individuals think chiropractic care is only for back and neck pain & discomfort. While it effectively gives long lasting relief for these issues, our chiropractor in Denver CO and Wheat Ridge can do so much more for your wellbeing. The reason chiropractic care can help with more than neck and back pain is because the fundamental cause of numerous health concerns lies in subtle (and not-so-subtle) spinal misalignments (subluxations) that pinch nerves. Depending on which nerves are pinched, a subluxation can aggravate everything from arm and shoulder pain to sciatica, headaches & migraines. By correcting your spinal alignment in a gentle & precise way, Dr. Al Simeone relieves pinched nerves so that your body can recover and heal itself for pain relief—as well as prevent health issues from starting in the first place!

Digestive Problems


Ear Infections

Tech Neck

Allergies & Sinus Problems

New Patient Special

$97 First Visit

For a limited time, save $53 off your initial visit. You will receive a consultation, spinal examination, and doctor’s report of findings for only $97!
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Our Chiropractor offers Multifaceted Treatment

In addition to highly-skilled spinal health care. The Disc Chiropractic offers complementary treatment therapies that reinforce great posture and natural healing:

soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue therapy

Used to recondition stiff, weakened muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia to soothe pain and soft tissue injuries naturally. Soft tissue therapy is a great compliment to chiropractic care because adhesions (tough, painful knots of scar tissue) and soft tissue injuries can cause limitations of movement and irregular spinal alignment. By synergistically correcting spinal misalignments with chiropractic and soft tissue injury with soft tissue therapy, we can enhance your healing.
therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

To continue bringing your body into balance, healing and overall wellness, our chiropractor trains patients on specific therapeutic stretches and exercises to retrain and strengthen muscles after an injury. This boosts our patients’ range of motion, strength, wellness and confidence!

If you live in Wheat Ridge, CO and you need to heal an injury, or you want to be healthier than you currently are, please Schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Al Simeone today. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your optimum health!

What Our Patients Say About Us


I have a severe case of scoliosis, been treated by multiple chiropractors yet Dr. Al was the one who stood out compared to the others. Within a month of being his patient, I started not only seeing improvement in my body but also feeling it. My scoliosis causes unbearable back pain, migraines, loss of focus yet Dr. Al manages to find treatment that helps that and more. After being told by multiple doctors that there’s not much they can do for me I lost a bit of hope until I found out about him. He not only cares about my body and health but rather me as a whole. He gets to know each and every one of his patients which to me is very important, it shows I’m more than a patient. If you’re looking for a chiropractor that excels at what he does, look no further than Dr. Al over at The Disc Chiropractor


Odaly Caro


Dr. Simeone is one of the best chiropractors I have worked with. I had a weight lifting accident when I was younger and have had low back pain ever since. I have been going to various chiropractors over the last 30 years, and he is the only one that has been able to give me relief. Every adjustment is tailored to me on an individual basis based on what is going on that day. He also has helped my children with their headaches. He listens, he is personable, and he is certainly effective. I highly recommend him!


Larissa Winkler


I started regularly visiting Al around 2 months ago. When I first began my regular treatment I was in constant pain in my lower back and shoulders. After only a few visits my pain levels greatly subsided, and is getting better every day. I had a poor previous experience as a teen with a chiropractor causing an injury. So I was skeptical on any treatment. Al took the time to walk me through the process for every adjustment and worked with me at a pace that I felt comfortable with. I have been extremely pleased with the service I have received. I would highly recommend The Disc to anyone looking for a chiropractor who truly cares and is willing to go above and beyond for their health.


Zach Propst


I was hesitant about seeing a chiropractor for years, but after not being able to find answers for my chronic neck and back pain I decided to see Dr. Al after a recommendation from one of his patients, and I’m so happy I did. I thought the pain was something I would just live with for the rest of my life but after only a few visits with Dr. Al my pain was gone for the first time in over 10 years and it has continued to stay away. Dr. Al is not only amazing at his chiropractic work, but extremely kind and caring and clearly values each individual relationship he makes with his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Al to anyone who can’t find answers for their pain or may be on the fence about seeing a chiropractor!


Jade Pantle

Dr. Al changed my life, bringing me out of a physical slump and back into a physically motivated lifestyle. My range of motion in my back, shoulders, hips, and neck have all improved immensely allowing me to enjoy my active Colorado weekends once again pain-free. I’ve been his patient for almost two years and he continues finding new ways to adapt to my body’s changes. His focus to create a custom care plan based on your personal goals is something I’ve never experienced from a Chiropractor. He is truly the best doctor for my family, and I highly recommend trusting him with your health. If you commit to his care plan and trust him, he can do wonders for your future.


Jill Magsaysay

Dr. Al is very thorough and assesses his patients by getting to know them, not just where they happen to be in pain on any particular day. He’s also very knowledgeable about preventative measures he can recommend for a variety of common issues we all deal with on a regular basis. He has taught me simple exercises that I can do easily at home to maintain my back strength. Scheduling an appointment is so easy, I can do it online if I wish. I would definitely recommend this practice for your chiropractic needs.


Rosie Breuch