5 Powerful Objections People Have Before Seeing A Chiropractor

Jun 8, 2022

As a 16 year old I had a lower back injury that caused sciatic pain down the back of my right leg. It was preventing me from playing football which was a big deal for me at the time.

I had many questions running through my mind like: how is a chiropractor going to help my pain, how much will it cost, will I get long term relief. I didn’t know the answers to any of these questions before going to a chiropractor.

I want to share the answer to some of the most common questions related to chiropractic care at The Disc Chiropractic

My idea of The Disc Chiropractic was created while I was in a team meeting. I was looking around the room and I realized that I was the black sheep. I had been working for a chiropractic office that had sold to new owners and completely changed how we treated patients. In that moment I knew I was being held back from caring for patients to the best of my abilities.

Remembering back to when I was 16, chiropractic changed the way that I saw healthcare. It didn’t rely on drugs to cover the pain; it identified the root cause and corrected the problem. At that time, I was lucky enough to be treated by a Gonstead Chiropractic who helped me get back to playing football and spending time with my friends. That’s why I chose to become a Gonstead Chiropractor; so that I could help others get the same kind of results that I experienced.

The Disc Chiropractic was created as a place to help people overcome the cause of their pain so they can get back to doing what they love. Whether it’s snowboarding, hiking, or rock-climbing, I’m are inspired to see you be the healthiest version of yourself so we can make a greater impact on the world around us.

Point 1: Many people question whether chiropractic can help people overcome both acute & chronic pain.

Chiropractic is the largest drugless healing profession in the world. All sensations of pain are sent through the nerve system. It’s a fact that the spine is the center of the nerve system, and your health is directly affected by how the spine and other bones relating to is are aligned or misaligned. Rather than covering up pain with medications, chiropractic is a conservative treatment for pain that addresses the cause of the pain rather than the symptom of pain itself. Gonstead chiropractic is the gold standard for healing & maintaining the spinal disc, allowing you to heal without the use of drugs.

Point 2: Not knowing the cost of care

Chiropractic care is considered specialty care and many chiropractors are considered out of network healthcare providers. At The Disc Chiropractic our providers are in-network healthcare providers of Cigna, Aetna, Bright Health, Friday Health & TriWest health care. We are open to enrolling into other healthcare networks to help serve our community in a convenient manner. For patients who do not have those insurance plans that we are in-network with, we offer time of service discounts for our patients who pay out of pocket for care. Finally, we also accept personal injury clients who are victims of accidents. In these cases, most people have MedPay as part of their auto insurance to take care of any health expenses related to the car accident.

Point 3: Untrustworthy advice online

Many people have trouble finding trustworthy health advice online. It’s really eye opening when you consider that 80% of people search for healthcare advice online. I wanted to make sure that my patients have access to quality information related to their spinal health, so I created my own online educational platform that is constantly expanding month after month. If you would like to learn more about it, you can check out our free downloadable Spinal Hygiene 101 PDF

Point 4: Not knowing if Chiropractic care will make a long-term difference

I commonly hear people ask if chiropractic will make a long-term difference and it is a valid concern. At The Disc Chiropractic we practice the Gonstead method which is focused on treating spinal disc injuries and preventing long-term joint wear & tear that leads to conditions like osteo-arthritis. Additionally, we take Full Spine Xrays, Posture analysis & use bilateral weight scales to ensure patients are making the progress we expect throughout care. Like everything else in life though if we do not maintain our bodies, they will eventually break down so we do recommend maintenance care for most patients.

Point 5: Commitment to care & showing up

Unlike many medications that cover the pain and cause people to put more wear & tear on their body. Chiropractic takes time & repetition to correct the cause of the problem because it’s working with the musculoskeletal system to influence the nerve system. So, it’s like going to the gym. We all wish we could go 3x and walk out looking like Arnold but, we all know that it took lots of work for him to build his body the way that he did.

So, there you have it, 5 powerful objections people have before seeing a chiropractor answered. If you found this valuable and are interested in seeking Gonstead chiropractic care in Denver, feel free to reach out to us at 720-573-4910. We’re excited to serve you!