Why Gonstead Chiropractic Is Actually Great For Chronic Pain Treatment Success

Jun 18, 2022


Gonstead chiropractic can benefit people in many ways; optimizing athletic performance, preventing injuries, making long-term structural corrections of the spine (similar to an orthodontist correcting the alignment of teeth) are just a few. Chronic pain treatment can be challenging and many people become reliant on opioid medications. Gonstead chiropractic can also promote the long term success of chronic pain treatments in a naturally.


How many times have you heard someone say “I threw out my back… I think I need to see a chiropractor.” I hear it all the time or some variation of that same thought process. It is true that chiropractors help with acute injuries, especially those pertaining to the back & neck. The thought that chiropractors only address acute injuries is another of the chiropractic myths. What most people don’t know is that Chiropractic can address chronic injuries as well as acute injuries. The wear & tear due to abnormal biomechanics leads to nerve irritation and chronic pain. By restoring proper biomechanics of the spine, chiropractic can benefit a many chronic conditions.


The human body was built intelligently, the brain and spinal cord are protected by some of the strongest bones in the body, the skull and vertebrae. They protect the most delicate tissue in the body, Nerve tissue. The nerve system acts as the roadway for communication between the brain and body so its integrity is paramount to how the body functions. If the nerves are obstructed, they messages between the brain and body are disrupted leading to health conditions that can become chronic.


The Spinal cord is protected by the spinal column, a series of 24 moveable vertebrae (bones). One of the main purposes of the vertebrae are for proper movement. They allow people to twist, bend and be athletic. Proper movement of the vertebrae also keep the discs healthy. The spinal discs sit between each vertebra and act as a spacer to create room for the nerves to exit the spine. From there the nerves travel to different areas of the body: The Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Arms, Legs, Bladder & Reproductive organs just to name a few.


Because vertebrae are moveable, they are also susceptible to shifting out of proper alignment. When stress is placed on the spinal column, the bones can get stuck out of proper alignment. there is very little blood that reaches the discs, so movement of the vertebrae allows them to pump out toxins and pull in healthy nutrients. If the bones get stuck it causes toxins to build up in the disc leading to wear & tear as well as arthritis.


The function of the nerve system is to act as the roadways for communication between the brain and the body. Nerves travel to every cell and tissue in the body. Patients experience different symptoms depending on which nerve is injured and where that nerve travels in the body. A nerve in the lower back will travel down the leg and may cause Sciatic Nerve Pain but nerves in the lower back also travel to the bladder, lower digestive tract and reproductive organs. So, someone with an injury in their lower back can experience a variety of symptoms due to a lower back injury.


Structural shifts of the spine cause the bone to get STUCK out of proper alignment, injuring a nerve. There are multiple issues that occur when this happens. One of the problems is that the spinal column has abnormal stress on it leading to wear and tear on the spine. This can show up as arthritis. Also, the nerve system may be injured causing symptoms like pain, numbness, weakness or a variety of other symptoms.


The purpose of Chiropractic is to detect & correct those structural shifts to restore the structural integrity of the spine. Restoring the nerve communication throughout the body. Many people associate chiropractic with neck and back pain or making you feel better and even though people do feel better, that is not the actual purpose of chiropractic. Its purpose is to restore and maintain the function of the human body allowing the bodies inborn intelligence to maintain homeostasis for proper healing and function.


As a Gonstead Chiropractor in Denver, I use an objective approach to treat the spine & nerve system. I assess how the structure of the spine directly effects the nerve system. Using a nervoscope I am able to measure for nerve inflammation to identify the injured nerve. I pair that information with full spine X-ray to see exactly how the spine has shifted away from normal. Pairing the nervoscope and Xray helps Gonstead chiropractors know exactly where and how the spine needs to be corrected. This way we never have to guess with anyone’s health. Then I create a well-rounded care plan to make a long-term correction of the spine.