About The Disc Chiropractic


Dr. Al started his chiropractic journey while in high school. After experiencing a spinal disc injury while lifting, his ability to move was severely limited. After his injury he was unable to do even simple activities like walking made him feel broken. He found out that he had a disc herniation in his lower back and was faced with the decision of how to recover from his injury. Dr. Al was lucky enough to find a Gonstead Chiropractor who helped him make a full recovery which allowed him to play collegiate rugby.

The Disc Chiropractic understands that spinal disc injuries (disc bulges & herniations) can take down even the fittest of people. He is inspired to educate & serve the community so you can take control of your health & live your best life!



BS in Biology from Fairfield University – Fairfield, CT
DC from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida – Port Orange, FL
President of the Palmer College of Chiropractic Gonstead Club
Postgraduate Gonstead Trained Doctor of Chiropractic – one of ~450 in the US
Has practiced in Avon, CT, Colorado Springs & Wheat Ridge, CO
Also treats patients at the Chanda Center for Health


Hiking, especially 14er’s – currently have climbed 10 (can you guess which ones?)
Being born in Connecticut I became a fan of UConn Basketball & all Boston sports (Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins)
Reading – I read about 1 book per week, Dan Brown is my favorite fiction author
Comedy shows & live sporting events
Foodie – I love to cook & eat
My Interests
Fun Stuff


Born & Raised in Connecticut, moved to Colorado in 2018
Huge Nerd – constantly studying topics related to mind-body health
Played Collegiate Rugby at Fairfield University – Captained the club his senior year
NCAA Hall of Fame inductee – awarded the Gene Casey Award in 2009
Have been to 31 of 50 states and Has traveled to 3 of 7 continents