I’ve been under Dr. Simeone’s care for about 2 years now. He is very thorough and honestly tries to get to know his patients beyond their physical issues. He understands that things going on in our personal lives can have a significant impact on our physical health. I have had back issues for over 20 years and he offers treatment as well as he has given me advice on exercises to do on my own to strengthen my back. I always leave his office feeling better than when I came in!
- Rose B.

Dr. Al Simeone with The Disc Chiropractic has been my chiropractor for 4 years now. He has taken over since my previous chiropractor retired. Dr. Al is always gentle with my neck when making adjustments and I have seen great improvement with comfort and the range of motion. He is always looking for opportunities to improve my skeletal health with exercise suggestions and good posture analysis. A few weeks ago Dr. Al put on a clinic critiquing work stations in the office to help identify positions that have a negative effect on posture. I am truly grateful that I have him looking out for me. Thank you Dr. Al!
- Ricky D.

Dr. Al (Simeone) is a kind, knowledgeable chiropractor with strong listening skills. You will be in a partnership with him in your journey to good health. I find him supportive and respectful in dealing with my particular challenges. I recommend him without reservation.
- Kara L.

Due to past experiences and continuously unresolved chronic pain, I had been skeptical of chiropractic care until I took a leap and met Dr. Al. He focuses on the whole body and uses x-rays for precise guidance while he evaluates and considers each patient’s personal needs. I have a Chiari Malformation, and if you are in that boat with me, you know how surprisingly rare yet important it is for something like that to be considered by a practitioner working with your neck and spine. During our work together I have seen improvements in my back pain, hip pain, and migraines caused by scoliosis, the Chiari, and general misalignment. I am excited to continue to maintain those improvements, to start work on improving my TMJ, and to greatly decrease my chance of developing irreversible arthritis or degenerative discs in the future. If you’ve had negative or sub-par experiences elsewhere, or are just on the fence, I highly recommend you give The Disc a try and see the difference for yourself.
- Katie O.

I first started seeing Dr Al about two years ago. I had damaged my spine and pelvis due to my work. Dr Al took the time to analyze my condition and showed me how with treatment my condition could be reversed .We set up a treatment program that worked and restored my back and everything connected . I recommend this to all, keeping your bones in alignment is so important to our health.
- Brian C.