Shoulder Pain Relief Treatment in Wheat Ridge CO


Wrist pain, carpal tunnel, weakness, numbness and tingling can prevent you from working and enjoying life the way you want. Pain medications can temporarily cover the pain, and receiving the right treatment depends on getting an accurate diagnosis of your wrist injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common type of wrist pain, but there are many others. Wheat Ridge chiropractor Dr. Al Simeone can accurately diagnose and effectively treat most causes of wrist pain, helping you get long-lasting relief.

Wheat Ridge Chiropractor Provides Shoulder Pain Treatment

Getting an accurate diagnosis is crucial to relieving shoulder pain because there are multiple causes. Our Wheat Ridge chiropractor has successfully resolved most cases of shoulder pain with conservative chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy & therapeutic exercises

What Are the Causes of Shoulder Pain?

There are many causes of shoulder pain. The treatment that you need depends on the root cause of the problem. To offer you the best care, Dr. Al Simeone will diagnose the cause and provide a personalized plan to correct the cause of your shoulder pain.

There are many causes and types of shoulder pain:

Rotator Cuff Issues

The rotator cuff is a set of four muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint. If any of these muscles are injured or tear, through overuse or trauma, it will limit your range of motion and strength. The muscles become weak, tight or overstretched causing painful muscle spasms. Occasionally surgery is necessary when the muscles are torn or severely damaged. Dr. Al can usually help the healing process with a combination of chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Frozen Shoulder

If you ignore a shoulder issue, it will eventually become stiff, stuck and painful to the point you cannot even lift your arm. When this happens, everything is harder to do in life. Cortisone injections and physical therapy can be used to treat this problem but they don’t always work. That is where chiropractic and soft tissue therapy comes in. For many people, this combination is the key to long-lasting improvement in rage of motion and pain relief.

Pinched Nerves

Nerves that exit the upper back and neck travel to the shoulder. If you have a subluxation, bulged or herniated disc, these nerves can become pinched. This usually results in pain that travels from the neck or upper back to the shoulder. Correcting the subluxations with chiropractic care, strengthening the supporting muscles with therapeutic exercises and relieving tension and stress with soft tissue therapy will help you to find relief from pinched nerves.

Chiropractor Dr. Al Simeone can accurately diagnose the root cause of your shoulder pain with a detailed exam, Xray and in severe cases an MRI. Rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and pinched nerves all respond very well to conservative chiropractic care combined with soft tissue therapy, therapeutic exercises and physical therapy. If your case is severe though, he may refer you to an orthopedic specialist if necessary.

Get Help for Your Shoulder Pain From Our Wheat Ridge Chiropractor

Don’t let shoulder pain impact your life, it’s time to take your health into your own hands. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Al Simeone to diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain and create a care plan that is right for you.
What are some of the Common Causes of Shoulder Pain?
Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of different issues including: shoulder dislocation, SLAP tear (labral tear), bursitis or tendinitis, frozen shoulder, muscle strain, ligament sprain, osteoarthritis or subluxation (spinal misalignment ) causing nerve irritation.
What are Symptoms of Shoulder Pain?
Symptoms caused by shoulder pain include decreased mobility, pain, numbness and muscle weakness. Inflammation of the damaged tissue will accumulate in the shoulder joint and prevent a full range of motion. Depending on the cause of the injury there may also be soft tissue damage including torn tendons or ligaments.
Why do I have shoulder pain?
Shoulder pain is commonly caused by injuries like car accidents, falling on an outstretched hand, repetitive motion injury, overuse, poor ergonomics or posture.
What are Chiropractic Treatment Options for Shoulder Pain?
Chiropractic treatment options include adjustments to realign the spine and shoulder joints to restore function and alleviate pain. Therapeutic exercises to strengthen rotator cuff and stabilizing muscles of the shoulder. Soft tissue therapy to break up scar tissue and increase blood circulation to the damaged tissues for increased healing and ergonomic assessments and recommendations to reduce the amount of stress placed on the upper back, neck and shoulder especially for individuals who work at a desk.

If you live in Wheat Ridge and your shoulder pain is preventing you from enjoying your daily activities, reach out to our chiropractor Dr. Al Simeone at 720-573-4910 and get the relief you need!