Known Competitive Advantages Of Working With A Sports Chiropractor

Dec 28, 2021


Professional athletes use chiropractic care for many reasons, optimizing performance, preventing injuries and extending their longevity are the most obvious. Lets dive into the reason why so many high performance athletes love chiropractic and why it might be the best way to take your athletic performance to the next level.

its are created by the spinal column which is made up of 24 moveable vertebrae (bones).
Proper movement of each vertebrae keep the discs between them healthy. Discs sit between each vertebra and act as a spacer to create room for the nerves to exit the spinal column. There is very little blood that reaches the discs so movement of the vertebrae are what allows the discs to pump out toxins and pump in healthy nutrients. This process is called imbibition.


The ability for each vertebrae to move is very important. Movement allows athletes the ability to bend, twist, be flexible & as mobile as they are. There is also a downside though, the ability to move cause the spine to be susceptible to stresses that can shift them away from a normal alignment.
Football & hockey collisions, soccer headers & pitching or swinging a baseball or softball bat can all cause vertebrae to shift & get stuck out of proper alignment. When the vertebrae get stuck they don’t only affect the disc, they also affect the nerve system.


The function of the nerve system made up of the brain, spinal cord and every nerve that is in the body. Again, its purpose is to act as the roadways for communication between the brain and the body. It controls and coordinates how every cell, tissue & organ performs. Nerves in the upper spine travel to the shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists & hand. They also travel to vital organs like the heart, lungs, stomach and thyroid gland. The nerves that travel through the lower back to the hip, leg, knee ankle & foot as well as the lower digestive tract, bladder, and reproductive organs.


Another form of stress that is often overlooked is neurological stress. When the vertebrae shift out of proper alignment they do damage to the disc and cause abnormal wear & tear. The disc will become inflamed which places pressure on the nerves and obstructs the messages being sent between the brain and body. The obstruction of these messages leads to poor coordination between the brain & body and poor performance. The messages are disrupted and the muscle or organ are unable to function optimally.


The job of a Sports Chiropractor is to restore, optimize & maintain the integrity of the spine with the purpose of protecting & healing the nerve system. This is something that only Chiropractors are trained to do and sadly less and less are focusing their skills on spinal adjustments. Many physical therapists and other chiropractors have focused on manipulations of the spine. They are changing the structure of the spine to decrease muscle spasms & increase range of motion while ignoring the discs & nerve system.


Gonstead Chiropractors use Xray to identify how the structure of the spine has shifted away from a normal range. Xray is paramount in knowing exactly how the spine has shifted away from normal. I like to think of Xrays as the roadmap for how to guide an athlete from where they are to where they want to be. Gonstead chiropractors also use instrumentation each visit. We use a nervoscope to identify nerve inflammation. I like to think of my nervoscope as my compass, It tells me where we need to make an adjustment. Only Gonstead chiropractors use the combination of Xray and nervoscope which is why we are able to get unique results. We don’t ignore the muscles, tendons or ligaments either. We provide soft tissue therapy to help patients maintain the correction throughout their season.


As a Gonstead Chiropractor in Denver, I use an objective and conservative health care approach focused on the spine and nerve system. I assess how the structure of the spine is directly affecting the nerve system.
We use objective measurements to identify structural shifts of the spine outside of a normal structural range. Very similar to how an engineer assesses the structural integrity of a building.
Then I create a plan to correct the issue with the objective of guiding the athlete from where they are to where they want to be. My care is not limited to athletes but athletes do benefit greatly from care. Check out my story to find out how Gonstead Chiropractic helped my athletic career.