Stiffness and Pain Treatment in Wheat Ridge CO


Neck and back stiffness are common problems. People often begin their day with a stiff neck after sleeping in awkward positions or coming home from work with neck and back stiffness after sitting all day. Stiffness can occur in any part of the body and is usually accompanied by pain. Our Wheat Ridge chiropractor has a great success treating patients looking for relief from stiffness and want to regain a full range of motion with natural, drug-free chiropractic care.

Stiff Neck, Back or Otherwise? Our Chiropractor Can Help…

The first step is finding our why you are stiff in the first place. If you live in the Wheat Ridge area, Dr. Al Simeone can diagnose the cause of your stiffness and provide a tailored chiropractic care plan to help you find relief by correcting the cause of your stiffness.

The most common causes of stiffness are:


Vertebrae (bones in the spine) can shift out of proper alignment through habitual poor posture or injury. If this happens, nerves are pinched and muscles lose their normal movement patterns, creating stiffness in the neck, back and other areas of the body.


For example: One of the most common symptoms of whiplash, commonly experienced during an auto accident, sporting injury or personal injury, is a stiff neck. The unexpected whipping motion strains soft tissues, leading to pain, inflammation and stiffness.


If joints in the spine or the rest of the body are left misaligned for too long, arthritis will set in, leading to joint pain and stiffness.
Our Wheat Ridge chiropractor can provide a multifaceted treatment plan to help relieve stiffness, allowing you to move and feel better:
Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Al Someone’s gentle & precise adjustments correct misaligned vertebrae, realigning their position to relieve pinched nerves and balancing muscle patterns to relieve stiffness.
therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic Exercise

Our Wheat Ridge chiropractor trains patients to perform stretches and exercises that re-train weakened, stiff muscles.

soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue therapy is an effective way to reduce inflammation and stiffness in soft tissues that have been damaged, reducing pain and allowing easier movement.

FAQ for Stiffness

Where does neck stiffness come from?

Neck stiffness is frequently caused by a subluxation (misaligned bone) in the neck. This will cause the joints from not moving properly, muscles in the neck to spasm and commonly results in pain.

Will neck stiffness go away?

Neck stiffness may go away within a few days or weeks but just because the stiffness has decreased does not mean that the cause of the stiffness has been resolved. Sprained joints (subluxations) in the neck can cause neck stiffness and if left uncorrected will lead to wear and tear and arthritis.

Can stiffness be cured?

Yes, neck stiffness can be resolved. It is commonly the result of a sprained joint along with muscle spasms. In our office our doctor uses spinal adjustments to correct the spinal alignment, soft tissue therapy to relieve muscle spasms, therapeutic exercises to build postural muscles and ergonomic evaluations to reduce the stress placed on your body.

What causes joint stiffness?

Joint stiffness is caused by a subluxation which is a sprained joint that injures nerves. Subluxations are corrected with spinal adjustments and if left uncorrected will lead to osteoarthritis.

Can neck stiffness cause headaches?

Yes, neck stiffness can result in headaches. When a stiff neck causes a headache, the headache is called a cervicogenic headache.
You can find relief from neck, back and joint stiffness. If you’re in the Wheat Ridge area, Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor at 720-573-4910