Stress Relief Treatment in Wheat Ridge CO


Anywhere from 75-90% of doctors’ visits are made due to the health damaging effects of too much stress. Fortunately, chiropractic care can offer stress relief. If you live in Wheat Ridge, talk with Dr. Al Simeone about de-stressing for better health.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help with Stress Relief?

Stress and physical pain run on a two-way street in the body—and chiropractic care can offer relief
Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic Care

soft tissue therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy

therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercises

emotional stress causes physiological changes

Emotional stress causes physiological changes:

  • Muscles tighten during a fight-or-flight response to stress. When someone experiences chronic stress they all experience consistent muscle tension, especially in the neck and shoulders. This increased tension can strain soft tissues causing poor posture and pulling vertebrae out of alignment. Some of the most common symptoms of stress are neck pain and tension headaches.
  • Acute and chronic stress impacts the respiratory syndrome resulting in shallow breathing that prevents the body from delivering enough oxygen to the rest of the body and brain. Stress also triggers asthma attacks for some people.
  • Over time, stress can cause poor sleep quality eating habits and can negatively impact the immune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems. 

These health problems and the associated pain they cause are made worse when stress levels are higher than usual. Our chiropractor can help!

Wheat Ridge Chiropractor’s Stress and Pain Relief Treatment

Chiropractor Dr. Al Simeone can help you manage and lower your stress and pain levels naturally so you can improve your health and wellness:
neck pian

Herniated disc in the neck

Chiropractic adjustments


Dr. Al Simeone can address stress whether it is causing headaches, neck/back pain or those problems are causing stress. Precise and gentle chiropractic adjustments can relieve pain and co-occurring stress by correcting spinal alignment. By alleviating pinched nerves, your nervous system is able to direct and control the various systems of your body to work together, giving you fewer things to worry about. 

soft tissue therapy

soft tissue therapy

Soft tissue therapy is a proven treatment for stress relief and it also offers a host of physiological benefits. It alleviates pain by stimulating natural endorphin release to relieve musculoskeletal tensions and relaxes and focuses the mind, improving circulation, breathing and sleep quality.

therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercises

In addition to being good for your mental health, therapeutic exercises improve core strength allowing your body to support proper posture while improving range of motion in areas affected by stress

FAQ’s for Stress relief

What causes most stress?

There are three different forms of stress. They include physical stress, chemical stress and emotional stress. All three forms of stress can cause physical symptoms.

How can I avoid or reduce stress in my life?

It is impossible to avoid stress completely. The truth is that some stress is healthy, like working out or challenging your mind to complete a puzzle. A few ways to manage stress include: taking breaks, eating nutrient dense foods and avoiding highly processed foods, staying hydrated, getting 6-8 hours of sleep, journaling or listening to music and setting boundaries.

What are the physical effects of stress?

Physical signs of stress include: increased heart rate, headaches & migraines, muscle tension or pain, acne and other skin problems, difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, stomachaches, nausea, changes in bowel movements and fertility challenges.

Can you be stressed without feeling stressed?

Yes, if your body is not given the opportunity to recover you can experience different symptoms of stress including: inability to focus, tension, fatigue, lowered sex drive and depression.
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