Back Pain Relief in Wheat Ridge CO


Wheat Ridge chiropractor Dr. Al Simeone treats a wide variety of everyday injuries — several of them may even sound senseless:

  • Back pain while putting on socks and tying shoes.

  • Back pain while combing your hair.

  • Back pain while carrying shopping items.

  • Back pain while laying down or getting out of bed.

  • Back pain while playing with children or grandchildren.

  • Back pain while sitting in a chair or using a computer.

  • Back pain while getting ready in the morning.

  • Back pain in the evening.

Dr. Al Simeone effectively treats the daily injuries listed above—and more. Everyday injuries happen during the course of your everyday life and might seem insignificant. Daily injuries are equally worthy of natural treatment for pain relief, just like a car accident, work injury, sports injury or repetitive stress injury. Daily injuries commonly are the accumulation of repetitive stress! It is not necessary to wait to call, even if you think your everyday injury is minor. Chiropractic can help if it hurts.


Everyday injuries can occur in all types of situations but the primary cause of of everyday injuries are routine and are effectively treated with chiropractic care.

  • Long-term poor posture habits — Hundreds of hours slouching at a desk or in front of a TV with poor posture will place stress on the muscles, joints and discs, causing vertebrae (bones) in your spine to sprain out of alignment. Eventually an everyday task is the last straw.

  • Poor ergonomics — A close relative of poor posture, poor ergonomics of picking up and lifting objects the wrong way or sitting at a poorly designed workstation will cause similar spinal misalignments.

Chiropractor Dr. Al Simeone offers chiropractic care to effectively relieve back and neck pain while also addressing the root cause of everyday injuries:

  • Chiropractic Care — Correcting your spinal alignment with a series of chiropractic adjustments can alleviate compressed nerves and discs for significant pain relief.

  • Soft Tissue Therapy — Alleviating musculoskeletal stress and tension can improve your posture too. Additionally, soft tissue therapy increases blood circulation and endorphins to heal soft tissue injuries faster.

  • Therapeutic Exercise — Dr. Al Simeone recommends and trains you on therapeutic exercises that will help you reestablish correct posture habits and core strength so you can feel better faster and prevent future injuries.

  • Ergonomic training — Making corrections to workstation set up can relieve stress and prevent future injuries. Ensuring that your workstation is supporting your posture is vital to prevent daily injuries.

If You Hurt Your Back Doing Anything, Call Your Wheat Ridge Chiropractor

There are no daily injuries that are too embarrassing or silly that should prevent you from calling your Wheat Ridge chiropractor for pain relief treatment. Schedule an appointment today.Don’t suffer needlessly! These daily injuries happen to everyone and chiropractic care can help.

FAQ for Back Pain

What is the Most Common Cause of Back Pain?

The most common cause of back pain is a subluxation (sprained joint the injured a nerve). Other common causes are disc bulges, herniations, degeneration or protrusions, and muscle strains.

How Long Does Back Pain Last?

Back pain can persist for months if not treated. If the pain does subside without being treated it will lead to a chronic injury like osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease.

What is Acute Back Pain?

Acute back pain is pain that starts after an injury or trauma. Examples include car accidents, slip & fall injuries or sporting injuries.

What is Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is pain that is present for 3 months or longer. Treatment is advices for chronic back pain to prevent permanent damage such as osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease.

What are Risk Factors for Developing Back Pain?

You are more likely to experience back pain if you are older or overweight. Lifestyle also plays a role, individuals who have labor intensive jobs or sit for many hours while at work and “weekend warriors” are more likely to experience back pain.

Can the Weather Affect My Back Pain?

Yes, our bodies react to environmental changes like temperature, humidity and barometric pressure changes that can cause an increase in inflammation.

How Can I Prevent Back Pain?

Like anything else in life, if you do not maintain something it will undergo wear and tear. Just like you go to regular dental and physical checkups, you can prevent back pain with regular chiropractic check ups. Other ways to prevent back pain include using proper technique while lifting and good ergonomics when working from a desk. Maintaining a healthy weight will also help prevent back pain.

Can Bad Posture Cause Back Pain?

Yes, bad posture like arching your back, hanging your head or slouching in a chair will create added stress on your spine.

Is Walking Good for Lower Back Pain?

Walking is a great way to manage back pain while at home. Movement is key to the healing process which is also why chiropractic adjustments help get the joints moving properly.

When Should I See a Chiropractor for Back Pain?

You should see a Chiropractor after experiencing any acute lower back pain. It is especially important to see a chiropractor if you experience neurological symptoms like traveling pain, numbness, tingling or muscle weakness. You should also see a chiropractor if you have been experiencing chronic back pain to prevent any permanent damage like osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease.

Does a Herniated Disc Require Surgery?

No most herniated discs require conservative treatment like chiropractic. Surgery is only warrented in four cases. If you experience continued care following conservative care, progressive strength loss, intractable (ubearable) pain and cauda equina syndrome.